EmergencyWP Zapier Add-On

EmergencyWP Zapier Add-On

Connect more than 1500 apps to EmergencyWP!

Connecting EmergencyWP to the huge amount of Zapier apps will make life validations via email almost obsolete and only needed in a very last instance.

On the other hand, EmergencyWP can trigger Zapier apps on specific moments in the process to do what ever you need.


To use this extension, you’ll need to have a (free) zapier account. You can create one here.

Before using the zapier integration, it must be activated

After installing & activating the zapier add-on, you have to accept the invitation by following this link:


On the following page, click “Accept invite & Build an app

Accept the invitation on the zapier

To get your zap up and running, go though the process as you would regularly do and use the information that are visible in your EmergencyWP backend:

Actions, Triggers and how to set it up

The zapier add-on comes with actions and triggers, that we’ve already prepared:


A trigger is something that happens in EmergencyWP and will cause another app to do something. Examples:
  • "Reminder"

    When a reminder is about to be send in the next cronjob run, you can fire a push notification to your smartphone and add the life check URL, so you can reset it manually before the reminder arrives

  • "Process finished"

    Before or after the "process finished" procedure will take place, you can initiate another thing on zapier, like sending another e-mail, uploading a file to a cloud storage or any other thing zapier offers.


An action is something that can be done in EmergencyWP. At the moment, we have one action:
  • Life Check

    Setup a routine to perform a life validation. For example: On every instagram feed update, you can reset the timer for your life validation in EmergencyWP.

EmergencyWP Zapier Add-On

Connect more than 1500 apps to EmergencyWP
Excluding 19% tax
Renews at 25% discount yearly

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Latest version: 1.1.2

*** 08.12.2021, v.1.1.2 ***

– Fixes compatibility with WordPress free plugin

*** 03.02.2020, v.1.1.1 ***

– Fixes with licensing page

*** 13.01.2020, v.1.1.0 ***

– Change folders names according to wordpress naming standard

*** 11.01.2020, v.1.0.2 ***

– Small bug fixes

*** 12.11.2019, v.1.0.1 ***

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*** 11.11.2019, v.1.0.0 ***

– Public release

Excluding 19% tax