A WordPress plugin, like a life insurance

Dead Man’s Switch & Legacy Deliverer

EmergencyWP is a digital safe with 256-AES encryption and a life validation mechanism, that can detect if someone is still alive. Tested for more than 6 years, EmergencyWP provides an outstanding, reliable process.

✅ Used by crypto investors, politicians, journalists, freelancers, company owners and many more.

Create an automatic procedure in case of an incident,
right from your WordPress backend.

Whether you have a 🔥 dangerous job,  manage a lot of 📂 customer data, or have  valuable 💰 crypto assets like bitcoin:

With EmergencyWP you can digitally plan your last will and testament and send future mails.

Right from a self-hosted WordPress Website, so that no third parties have access to your data.

 Bank standard 256-AES encrypted and backed by 3 real humans of your choice.

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Regular life checks for peace of mind.​

Imagine this button in a train, where the train driver has to push it once in a while. If he stops, the train will brake and eventually save the passengers.

Of course, there’s no WordPress Plugin that can save lives (uuhm, maybe we can?), but EmergencyWP can detect anomalous behaviours and start processes in case of incidents, emergencies or even death.

Take care of (digital) assets, prepare a will, transfer values.

EmergencyWP can deliver digital values, wills and even simple future letters to predefined recipients.

Do you have any one of those?

  • Bitcoins and other crypto currencies
  • Financial credits on services like PayPal
  • Valuable Accounts with paid downloads, i.e. App stores
  • Prepaid services that can be used by other people like you
  • Pets that should be taken care of
  • Websites or social accounts 
  • Real estate and insurances, contracts of any kind

EmergencyWP features


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Full setup video for EmergencyWP - How to configure and use it (by Chris Davis)

EmergencyWP is your personal dead man's switch and comes with some clever features:

Regular life checks & reminders

Proving life status either with recurring email confirmations or repeating user actions

Future Messages

Create future messages, information snippets or even late love letters - just in case, you know.

E-mail customization

Customize outgoing mails and future messages to your needs with the help of a template editor.

E-mail log

100% transparency and overview over what EmergencyWP is doing in the background.

Simple cronjob configuration

Either use the WordPress cronjob or let external crons control your life checks.


The Bulletproof package

Upgrade to the Bulletproof package and enjoy even more features

Trustee Management

Get a second (and third) security layer for life checks and your future messages! Trustees ensure that pre-planned information won't leave the system if the user is still alive but just not able to answer.

Zapier connection

Automate the emergency process with connecting more hundreds of 3rd party apps. This will allow tremendous new possibilities in how to handle legacies and change how emergencies are being detected.

Delivery conditions

Normally, your pre-planned messages and information will be send once the timeframe for the life check confirmation is over. With Conditional Mails, it's possible to plan them to be send on a special date in the future.

...and even more:

The Vault

Lock information from more than a dozen categories securly encrypted in the vault and assign in to specific contacts.
They will have access after an emergency of even right now - it's up to you!

In progress: Call monitoring

Connect EmergencyWP to a phone number, so elderly people can just press a button to confirm their life check regularly. No e-mail needed, so it's very simple to use.

Safety for your loved ones and persons in need of care .
EmergencyWP brings peace of mind.

See where EmergencyWP comes handy. You've got a sense of humour, right?

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What is EmergencyWP?

EmergencyWP is a system that works like a dead man switch. Designed by a freelancer for freelancers (and other people who handle personal and business information), EmergencyWP checks on your life status with so called life checks in a self-chosen frequency. You can save information or prepare messages for the case of an emergency (accident, death, etc.), and EmergencyWP will deliver them to your family, friends or clients if you stop to confirm your life checks after a given period of time.

What's the purpose of EmergencyWP?

It was on one of my daily routes to work, when the idea behind EmergencyWP came to my mind. I wondered if my wife could handle all the business stuff that mostly I care about at home – from contracts to bank accounts, monthly bills and other things. And what about my clients? I handled more than 250 hosting logins for them and if I would be gone suddenly, many people and companies could struggle the more or less. So I invented EmergencyWP for myself first and I am using it since 2016. With this plugin, I want to provide the insurance-like tools for all people who can use it themselves or help other users benefit from it. If you want to further support the work with a donation, feel free to do this with an amount of your choice!

What is a life check and what does it do?

A life check is a regular email that contains a confirmation link. Clicking that link or button will reset the EmergencyWP counter. If a life check stays unconfirmed for a preconfigured time frame (of your choice), a reminder will be sent. If the reminder is being ignored as well, EmergencyWP will trigger the famous process it was designed for (sending messages, delivering information, handling your assets – you name it).

Life checks can be setup between 24 hours and 6 months, while the time frames for the confirmation can be setup between 12 hours and 30 days.

How safe is the EmergencyWP process?

We have more than 700 beta testers using EmergencyWP since 2016. Since 48 months, we had no negative feedback on any process-related issues.

Software is, however, steadily improving and never finished 🙂

I'm no technician. Can you install and set it up for me?

We’re able to install and host EmergencyWP for you. Please contact us for the latest costs and hosting rates: Contact